[Marxism] Owen Jones post on Socialist Unity

nada dwaltersMIA at gmail.com
Thu Oct 22 08:56:28 MDT 2009

Louis, this blog is really a platform A. Newmans' own brand of bizarre 
reformist politics as it is for Owens. It's also "only' a blog. A far 
more *interesting* articulation of this is noted in one of Newman's 
replies, from an organization he links to called the "Independent 
Working Class Association" whose origin, I believe, came from the SWP-UK 
decades ago. I expected an attack on immigrants but it is somewhat more 
nuanced that:


I notice that this anti-"multiculturalism" trend among some leftists and 
left groups is continuing to grow as the crisis deepens. No so much in 
the United States by in Europe.


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