[Marxism] Eva Golinger on Michael Moore's lies about Chavez meeting

Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 22 10:33:49 MDT 2009

Eva Golinger engages in a bit of fantasy herself:

"Don't you know that Chávez doesn't use a teleprompter?  Where we come from, speeches are made from the heart and soul, and not written by an elite team of 20 writers and then read from transparent screens."

Well, I can't speak to the question of who writes Chavez' speeches, whether himself or with the help of others, but a simple consultation of the UN web site (http://www.un.org/ga/64/generaldebate/VE.shtml) produces the text of the speech as submitted by the Venezuelan embassy, with an invitation to "check against delivery" with the video marked "as delivered." Submitting texts in advance is standard practice at the U.N. General Assembly general session, whether Chavez typically speaks extemporaneously and without teleprompters elsewhere or not.

I didn't see the Jimmy Kimmel show, nor would I take anything said on it particularly seriously (it's not even Larry King Live, much less a serious news show), but based only on what she writes, Golinger's defense of Chavez' teetotaling status also falls flat. Moore just talks about a "bottle and a half of tequila later"; there's no implication in that statement that Chavez was part of the consumption. And as for Venezuelans drinking rum, that's just silly. Whatever the "national drink" of a particular country, people in every country drink all sorts of beverages, so the implication that it is preposterous that a Venezuelan would be in possession of a bottle of tequila is itself preposterous.

And as for Greg's comment that this makes him averse to seeing Moore's new movie, all I can say is, your loss. Whatever its weaknesses politically, and there are some (particularly its final cop-out), the movie is uproariously funny and very entertaining, and, if you take the opportunity to go with a group of people, not all of whom are socialists, it provides an excellent opportunity for discussions about not only what is wrong with capitalism but what are the real alternatives, and how to get there.

Eli Stephens
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