[Marxism] marxism and the will

Max Clark poeticaleconomy at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 22 11:38:03 MDT 2009

"in the oppressive outer forces of the social contract, the implicit requirement to transcend is present."

on this particular issue: exactly. I appreciate the clarity especially here. subtract Rousseau-nicked "social contract" bit however. 

but, then again, how is this a demonstration of Marxism's "enclosedness" or whatnot? In a lazy way, I might describe the whole argument from which I quote above as but another tedious grafting of the current theoretical no-no's from the university onto the really rather open, polyvalent, even polymorphously perverse actuality of Marxism. Whoever wrote the above obviously hasn't engaged the first couple paragraphs of Lukacs' History and Class Consciousness, nor is aware of the almost infinitely faceted appropriation of Marx in recent Continental theory. Moreover, I particularly love it when, in stating a viewpoint separate from Marx's, he ascribes to Marx the responsibility for making separate viewpoints impossible. A "performative contradiction" if ever there were one. And who's in the business of closing-up systems again? In end, wonderfully silly, almost like a satire on a serious critique of Marx.

The very best,
Max Clark


p.s. and yet, and yet, this author is the one who attracts publishers on this list?! 


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