[Marxism] Eva Golinger on Michael Moore's lies about Chavez meeting

MARGARET WYLES kaliyuga at wildblue.net
Thu Oct 22 12:40:07 MDT 2009

I've watched this a couple of times now, since the first posting.  If
this was meant as a joke, I'm sure no one in the audience would take
it that way.  If it's a made up story, I can't believe Moore made it
up on the fly - the story was too detailed.  Frankly, the whole thing
looked rehearsed and Moore seemed very uncomfortable.  My guess (and
it's clearly just a guess) is that both Moore and Kimmel were provided
a script.  Otherwise, why would Kimmel even bring up the photo as they
were talking about the movie?  Kimmel seemed uncomfortable as well, as
though he was forced to talk about something he clearly knows nothing
about.  I like to think that Moore is trying to push the envelope as
much as possible without having someone pull the plug on his movie

I've since emailed Eva Gollinger for more color/thoughts on the matter
and will post her response should I receive one.


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