[Marxism] Communist Party of Nepal recognises role of Leon Trotsky

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Louis the Kasama website has posted a response to the linked article here:

The response says of the the linked article that "Bhattarai’s remarks were taken out of the context of an intense
real-world debate (a debate in which Trotskyism and Permanent
Revolution are NOT one of the significant poles)," and the article itself is "chatter of superficial speculation." The Kasama response seems to take offense at the idea that Trotsky might be considered as an influence in Nepal.

My question, and it is not meant as provocation but in an attempt to learn something here, is whether the maoist and trotskyist traditions are at such odds, and  considered so far removed from each other that these issues aren't considered fraternal disputes to be take up in good faith? 

Mike Ely of Kasama will be speaking at the   Rethinking Marxism  7th International  Conference — to be held at the University of Massachusetts (Amherst) November 5-8. He seems like a guy worth hearing, and not just for maoists. Is it the revolution vs. reform issue which keeps these traditions separate? 

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Subject: [Marxism] Communist Party of Nepal recognises role of Leon Trotsky
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Communist Party of Nepal recognises role of Leon Trotsky
Written by Pablo Sanchez and Kamred Hulaki Tuesday, 20 October 2009

This summer The Red Spark [Rato Jhilko - see photo], a journal of the 
Communist Party of Nepal published an article by Baburam Bhattarai, 
which stated that, “Trotskyism has become more relevant than Stalinism 
to advance the cause of the proletariat”. This is the result of concrete 
historical experience that has revealed the real essence of Stalinism 
and vindicated the ideas of Leon Trotsky, in the case of Nepal in 
particular of the theory of the Permanent Revolution.


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