[Marxism] Communist Party of Nepal recognises role of Leon Trotsky

johnedmundson at paradise.net.nz johnedmundson at paradise.net.nz
Thu Oct 22 22:27:19 MDT 2009

Quoting Louis Proyect <lnp3 at panix.com>:

> Jay Clinton wrote:
> > My question, and it is not meant as provocation but in an attempt to
> learn something here, is whether the maoist and trotskyist traditions
> are at such odds
> Actually, the Trotskyist traditions are pretty good at being odds with 
> each other as well.
> I don't think that there is much point in battling over Lenin's 
> successor. Down in New Zealand Maoists and Trotskyists came together in 
> a new formation that puts these sorts of questions on the back burner, 
> where they belong. It is no accident that they have established some 
> ties with the Nepalese Maoists.
> Fusion forms new group – Revolutionary Workers League
> Philip Ferguson
> The Spark 15 June 2004

I'd just point out too that although still small, (as all far left groups are in
the West these days), the Workers Party is definitely the most significant group
on the left in New Zealand currently, and the Trotsky/Stalin/Mao thing has never
got in the way of the serious work the party does. The WP also manages to
maintain good links with other groups from both traditions both in NZ and
internationally. One thing it never did was join some pretend "international"
from which to get a "line". It instead decides any "line" on anything it does by
trying to independently assess the situation itself. I think it's working pretty
well and so far I haven't seen any sign of horns, tails or forked tongues being
concealed by any of my comrades in the party.

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