[Marxism] Is this what Ho Chi Minh died for?

Nestor Gorojovsky nmgoro at gmail.com
Fri Oct 23 15:46:36 MDT 2009

Not just happy news allowed here, of course.

Almost all news coming from the US of Am are dismaying, for instance.

And I not only don´t "censor" them, I also expect you comrades to give 
me the non-standard view of the US of Am.

The standard view being that of the NYT, and similar pages, I would 
expect same level of critical understanding when it comes to other places.

I am no Stalinist cheerleader, by the way. I simply said that whatever 
the NYT brings as news from the whole world, both USA and abroad, must 
be taken with more than a grain of salt. Maybe with a full trainload of it.

Marxmail is an excellent provider of such ingredient when it comes to 
the US of Am, but not as good one when it comes to Eastern and South 
Eastern Asia. Which I deplore. I am not suggesting bad things don´t take 
place. I am just suggesting that some very bad things don´t take place 
any more, and that those were the things Ho fought against. He was a 
concrete man, not a dreamer. Napoleon was also a concrete man when he 
gave Louisiana to the US. He knew that in the future this might become a 
very bad thing for the European bourgeoisies, but his interest was to 
defeat England. And you must judge him around that objective, not other 

What about trying to see what is General Giap thinking about the current 
developments in Viet Nam, for instance? I don´t know a word about his 
views. And I would expect Marxmail to bring them nearer to me.

As for the NYT, I have the mainstream press in my own country, and thus 
I would place it on the "noise" side of the sound/noise ratio of the list.

Unless we believe that the main speaker for the US imperialist 
bourgeoisie does not have a political turn in both the kind of info it 
provides and the way it deals with it.

Which I am certain neither Louis nor you, S. Artesian, believe.

Well, be consequent then with what you believe.

S. Artesian escribió:
> Why?  Because the NYT reports it?  Is the NYT making this up?  Is there no 
> rush of activity to build golf courses?  Do golf courses not demand huge 
> amounts of  fresh water? Are they not entertainment for the wealthy?
> Sure, Nestor, and those reports of thousands of children living near lead 
> smelters in China suffering from lead poisoning?  Sorry, we must debate 
> other issues, because of course the reports appeared in the Financial Times, 
> the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times etc. etc. etc.
> Nestor, the war in Vietnam ended 35 years ago, and some officials, and 
> partisans of the current government are just too eager to adopt the ways of 
> the vanquished, up to and including turning rice fields into wasteland, 
> providing golf courses and prostitutes for businessmen.
> What an absurd position, once again, our beloved Nestor assumes, our 
> would-be one man board of censorship..   Only happy news allowed here.
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> Of course, the NYTimes would rather have the rice fields bombed into
> wasteland with napalm. Or the Viet Namese coolie-pulling beautiful
> rickshaws for wealthy French sugarcane growers while Saigon acts as a
> whorehouse of South East Asia.
> I am sure that Ho died for the above not to happen.
> Other issues, must be debated. But, sorry Louis, not starting with what
> the NYTimes exudes.
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