[Marxism] Is this what Ho Chi Minh died for?

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I think Fred has gone over the top in a) concentrating on the moderator's 
headline for the post on Vietnam  b) declaring such headline to be 

The issue is not the appropriateness of the headline but the content of the 
analysis.  The "development" of golf courses does not occur in isolation, 
either domestically or internationally.  It occurs after the collapse of the 
USSR, the incorporation, literally, of state supported private capitalism 
into countries and economies with production relations that could be 
described, at best, as extensions or parallels to those of the USSR.  It 
occurs with the production of a real, conscious, bourgeoisie in these 
countries rather than simple bureaucrats and administrators of the impulse 
to capitalist restoration.

So we should ask Fred, and others so dismissive of the concerns of others 
that they use terms like "obscene," "defeatist," "hysterical," to give us 
their evaluation of the overall trend.

We should ask those insisting on the insignificance of golf courses, resort 
hotels, beach clubs, and their associated activities like gambling, 
prostitution, etc., who gains, who prospers from the golf courses, the 
resort hotels, the beach clubs, and their associated activities like 
gambling and prostitution etc?   Workers or emerging bourgeoisie, or perhaps 
in a quasi-left channelling of Milton Friedman, do both workers and 
bourgeoisie prosper, and should we all applaud with our invisible hands the 
genius of the free market?

We should ask Fred and the others:  Are these golf courses and hotels and 
their associated activities produced for their use-value, or are they 
produced as exchange value in order to garner exchange value?

It is not critical analysis that is a sign of impotence, of accommodation 
and resignation to whatever existing moment appears in capitalism, it is the 
unwillingness to engage in such critical analysis that stands as the real 

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