[Marxism] Fight censorship of "Gay Imperialism" book

David Thorstad binesi at gvtel.com
Sat Oct 24 08:28:57 MDT 2009

The Socialism and Sex list had an exchange about this censorship case, 
with a sensible contribution by Peter Drucker, which I passed along, 
because I oppose censorship and have been a victim of it myself. I also 
sent the exchange to Peter Tatchell, prompting the following response. 
Out of fairness to him, I post it here as well as a public service.
    An aside: on the subject of "gay imperialism," it strikes me that an 
example of Western "gay imperialism" is itself the absurd alphabet 
soupist acronym LGBT (or one of its other even more ridiculous avatars, 
LGBTQIAA), which the Monthly Review piece Louis posted used to describe 
African activists, for whom such an acronym has no historical meaning. 
Peter himself uses the acronym in most of his writings.
Out of Place - Fabrications against Peter Tatchell

Peter Tatchell writes:

These latest allegations against are untrue - just like the earlier ones.

I challenged the book Out of Place because it printed outright lies
and fabricated quotes about me.

This issue has nothing to do with censorship. Fabricating quotes and
smearing fellow comrades is utterly shameful and has no place in any
progressive piolitics.

Free speech, which I defend, should not include the right to print
lies designed to wage sectarian wars and discredit political
opponents, which is what the book Out of Place does.

No one should be allowed to falsely claim that someone is a racist and
that they collaborate with fascists, when they are not and do not. Out
of Place should not be allowed to get away with such lies about me or

I am sure you and others would not accept that this is legitimate free
speech. You would not like to be falsely accused of attacking Muslim
people and promoting an imperialist agenda, which is what this book
did to me.

There are many, many false things about me in Out of Place. There is
not a shred of evidence to support its claims. All my articles and
news releases are archived on my website. You can view them here:


I challenge anyone to find any evidence of Islamophobia, racism or
support for imperialist wars and the war on terror. These claims are
total fiction.

In addition, I did not use the libel laws to suppress Out of Place.
This is another lie being spread about me. Have these shameless people
got no ethics or principles?

I pointed out to the publishers (Raw Nerve Books) the lies and
fabrications in the book. They were horrified and deeply apologetic.
Hence this full apology:


IslamaphobiaWatch is not a truthful, honest website. It is run by
political sectarians to defame and discredit people they see as
political enemies. It is full of outright lies against me and many
others, including many progressive, left-wing Muslims.

London's former Mayor, Ken Livingstone, has since apoloised for making
false allegations of Islamophobia against me.

I do not wish to blow my own trumpet, but I am held in high esteem by
leading Muslim and black activists. They know my 40 year record of
anti-racist, anti-war and anti-imperialist campaigning. They know that
I have been a fierce defender of Muslim and black communities against
state oppression, including trenchant opposition to the so-called "war
on terror". They would not support me if I had done the things that
the book Out Of Place falsely claims that I have said and done.

I hope this reassures you.


Peter Tatchell, London

David, can you please post the above to the various lists and
individuals that have been circulating these sectarian,
politically-motivated lies? I don't have access to them.

My version deserves to be heard too.

I really need your help to counter this awful malicious vendetta.

This would be much appreciated.


Best wishes, Peter

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