[Marxism] Communist Party of Nepal recognises role of Leon Trotsky

mike ely m1keely at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 24 11:06:58 MDT 2009

Jay Clintoin wrote: 

> "The Kasama website has posted a response to the linked article here:

> The response says of the the linked article that "Bhattarai’s remarks were taken out of the context of an intense real-world debate (a debate in which Trotskyism and Permanent Revolution are NOT one of the significant poles)," and the article
itself is "chatter of superficial speculation." The Kasama response
seems to take offense at the idea that Trotsky might be considered as
an influence in Nepal.

Mike Ely writes in response:

Just to be clear, I don't think anyone intended any tone of "offense at the idea that Trotsky might be considered an influence."

The piece we posted simply made the observation that the IMT article was mistaken in suggesting that there was an upholding of Permanent Revolution going on, when in the actual debate in the UCPN(M) that is not one of the significant poles.

We are rather clearly against the demonization of Trotsky and trotskyists -- and our analysis of the IMT piece was not (I believe) an exercize in such demonization. There are (quite simply) reasons why Permanent Revolution doesn't have much attractin in countries that are 80+% peasant -- where anti-feudal revolution under communist leadership makes a lot of sense.

Jay writes:
"My question, and it is not meant as provocation but in an attempt to
learn something here, is whether the maoist and trotskyist traditions
are at such odds, and  considered so far removed from each other that
these issues aren't considered fraternal disputes to be take up in good
faith? "

Mhy own belief is precisely that political differences can and should be taken up in good faith. And also that it would be nuts to act like relatively obscure divides, created seventy years ago, should be pursued today in some mechanical fashion.

For more on that "On Demarcations and New Coherent Theory":


> Mike Ely of Kasama will be speaking at the   Rethinking Marxism  7th 
> International  Conference — to be held at the University of
> (Amherst) November 5-8. He seems like a guy worth
hearing, and not just for 
> maoists. Is it the revolution vs. reform
issue which keeps these traditions 
> separate?

Yours in the great adventure of humanity's liberation,
mike e


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