[Marxism] Is this what Ho Chi Minh died for?

S. Artesian sartesian at earthlink.net
Sat Oct 24 14:43:46 MDT 2009

Thanks for the links to your work on Vietnam.  Very helpful.

Regarding the issue of golf courses and use/exchange value-- clearly Vietnam 
is not socialist, and I would not criticize Vietnam on the basis of "not yet 
being socialist," as that is an ahistorical criticism, one that could have 
been was raised against the fSU at its most revolutionary, its most 

The critical questions are in Vietnam, as I think they are in China, as I 
think they were in the fSU, "what social relations of production are being 
enhanced, strengthened, promoted?"  Which personification of those social 
relations-- workers or bourgeoisie-- are being strengthened?

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