[Marxism] Electricity workers throw out bureaucratic managers in struggle for workers' participation

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 <http://www.venezuelanalysis.com/news/4892>This battle is extremely
important because the revolution is being weighed down, choked, undermined
by burreaucracy, corruption, pro-capitalist elements not just embesdded in
the institutions but reflected in the Chavista movement at its highest
levels. The effects of this have grown very dangerous.

 What is more, these problems are about more than just blackouts and
frustrated workers, they has bloody consequences. This is shown by the
brutal violence so often committed with impunity against land reform
activists, trade unionists and, in a recent case a PSUV militant tortured by
police and then abandoned by sections of the Chavista leadership.

This shows that the battle is live, that the genuinely revolutionary forces
have life, that progress is made despite the problems, that the dynamic of
relationship between Chavez and the ranks still exists to drive the process
forward despite its many limitations and contradictions. Of courxe, there
are many many more battles ahead and this one isn;t even decisively
resolved. Hopefully we will see this type of thing repeated in  many places
- then the long talked about "revolution inside the revolution" will have
real meaning.

The scale of the problems facing the revolution provide the context that
makes this such an important event, and such a reason for cheer.


Electric Workers Kick out Bureaucratic Management in Valencia State
Published on October 25th 2009, by Aporrea.org

Valencia, October 24th, 2009 (Aporrea.org) – Electrical sector workers,
after a just struggle against the managerial bureaucracy of Corpoelec [the
state owned National Electricity Corporation] conveyed their satisfaction
with the announcements by Chavez regarding the electrical sector. The
Corpoelec bureaucracy has revealed itself in the large failures in the
electrical service, and in the violation of the rights of workers.

In this respect, on Friday morning in Carabobo [Valencia state], at the
headquarters of Corpoelec-Cafade, workers carried out a protest. “Out with
the bosses, for being incompetent” shouted dozens of electric sector workers
in this protest demanding new, more efficient authorities capable of looking
for solutions to the blackouts that daily leave thousands of Caraboban
residents with out electricity.

The protest also demanded the re-hire of a group of workers and some
engineers who were unjustly fired by the management of Corpoelec.

The protest culminated with the withdrawal of various managers and
directors, who used their vehicles to open a path between the crowds of
employees who sang loudly, “and they’re going, they’re going, the managerial
bureaucracy is going”.

The workers hugged and applauded, satisfied by the departure of the
bureaucrats, whom they blame for inscrutability around the concrete causes
of the failures in the electrical system and their supposed inefficiency
with confronting the lack of maintenance of the power lines, transformers,
and other infrastructure.

The workers also pointed out that the management was indifferent to their
complaints of attacks by electricity customers over the service failures and
was hindering the discussion about the collective contract.

“Today we have taken control, just as the president has said in his
speeches. We are doing this in order to guarantee a service to the people
and provide a solution to the problems. We want to provide a timeline of
when electricity will be suspended and why, something that the authorities
couldn’t do,” said Jesus Granados, general secretary of the Electrician’s
Union of Carabobo.

The electricians accused the management of keeping such information from the
community, a situation which has provoked annoyance in the population over
not knowing how long the blackout will last.

Workers also said that management didn’t care that this was happening and it
is the workers who suffer the consequences, who are the victims of abuse and
insults by people from various communities.

The workers stressed that they are prepared to create a timeline of
rationing and make it public, as the population has the right to know such
information so that they can take necessary previsions while the electrical
problems in the country are being solved.

Electrical workers agree with the statements by [Venezuelan president Hugo]
Chavez, that, “the problem isn’t just technical, the problem is also
political. Much of the management in the electrical companies are resisting
the changes. Not all of them resist, but there’s a kind of knot, a Gordian
knot, that resists the full participation of the workers.”

*Translated by Tamara Pearson for Venezuelanalysis.com*

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