[Marxism] Socialism and "animal rights"

Max Clark poeticaleconomy at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 26 10:10:32 MDT 2009



for the article I am critiquing below.

1. "Other" animals have language, e.g. gorillas and bees. Language, according to Marx in his critique of Mill, is simply the relation between objects. D'Amato's linguistic criteria of human species-being is therefore false, if not also ignorant of the tradition he claims to represent. Stones often speak more convincingly to me.
2. Spiders, in weaving webs, adapt their environment to their "own" needs. According to D'Amato's adaptive criteria of human species-being, spiders are therefore humans.
3. It is D'Amato's blind orthodoxy and veneration of his predecessor Marx, which completely contradicts Marx's own utterly heterodox and critical approach to his own predecessors, that has entangled him in this "web", if you will. Marx's scattered anthropological insights, often contradictory, mayhaps do not coalesce, and this with certainty in the hands of D'Amato, into a coherent or rational doctrine. Instead of ending our research into anthropology with the canonical words of Marx, as though history and discourse came to an end with this figure, it is through the friction generated by his internal inconsistencies we are propelled into greater knowledge.
4. Given the radical ambiguity, i.e. self-contradiction, of all of D'Amato's definitions of species-being, it is not difficult for me, one who uses language, and thereby adapts his environment to his own needs, to become inhuman. Indeed, and on more than purely emotional register, the Center for Economic Research and Social Change, and including all of its subsidiary organizations, such as the Socialist Worker, has, through censoring me (i.e. stripping me of my "right" to language and control over "my" environment) has quite precisely made me inhuman. A spider, or even spiders, in the plural, if you will.
5. Inhumanity is, again by D'Amato's criteria, the actual condition of much of the working-class. D'Amato, by voiding inhumanity of its "right" to self-determination and organization thereby also likewise condemns much of the working class. 
6. "Animal liberation" is a theo-anthropology -- the cry for self-determination of the dehumanized in an inverted, species-alienated form. D'Amato's formalistic definitions of "actual" species-being will do nothing to stem its development, mayhaps even into fascistic forms, in as he understands nothing of it. Shame on him. Shame on the SW. Shame on the ISO. Shame on CERSC.


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