[Marxism] Clifton DeBerry

David Thorstad binesi at gvtel.com
Mon Oct 26 12:53:20 MDT 2009

Sky Keyes wrote:

Are there any biographies or shorters pieces or work about DeBerry or 
famous pieces of
DeBerry's I can seek out?
I heard DeBerry speak at the University of Minnesota when he was the 
SWP's pesidential candidate in 1964, and was very impressed. It was my 
first election in which I could vote, and I voted for his ticket.
    Three years ago, Christopher Phelps told me that in preparation for 
his talk to the Socialism and Sex conference in Paris that October, on 
the topic of interracial marriages in the SWP in the 1940s, he had asked 
DeBerry if he could interview him. DeBerry, then a sympathizer of the 
Barnes cult, said he would have to ask permission from head honcho Jack 
Barnes, and Barnes refused to give it. So the interview apparently 
didn't take place.

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