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On Oct 26, 2009, at 5:21 PM, Walter Lippmann wrote:

> A thousand-faced monster called the CIA
> Dr. Néstor García Iturbe – October 22, 2009
> http://www.walterlippmann.com/docs2733.html
> A CubaNews translation. Edited by Walter Lippmann
Trotsky long ago diagnosed Stalinism as "the syphilis of the labor  
movement."  This heap of Stalinist filth--which even non-masochists  
ought to read in its entirety--demonstrates how the Cuban leadership,  
infected with that disease shortly after the revolution, now has  
entered tits tertiary phase, general paresis.

> As part of the CIA’s efforts to overthrow the Cuban Revolution is a  
> new thing called “Freedom Socialist Party”, which last October 19  
> published an article titled Cuba’s fate: balanced on a razor’s edge,  
> signed by one Susan Williams.
> The operation includes a number of mutually complementing covert  
> actions primarily designed to torpedo the Cuban revolutionary  
> process with a view toward a so-called “transition” and the  
> establishment in the Island of a government that follows to the  
> letter what instruction comes from the U.S. We will deal with this  
> operation at a later date, as now I would like to refer specifically  
> to these Actions.
> It’s the kind considered by the CIA as “diversionary”. While the  
> author claims to be worried about Cuba’s fate and makes a pretense  
> of being revolutionary, the article is aimed mainly at recruiting  
> individuals who, without being opposed to the Revolution, are  
> somewhat averse to some of the decisions made by the Cuban  
> government and keep complaining about our current difficulties.  
> These are mostly brought about by the strict blockade that the U.S.  
> has set up against us. These elements try to capitalize on the  
> objective, necessary improvement-oriented criticism regularly  
> promoted by the Revolution itself through the Communist Party, the  
> mass organizations and the overall state apparatus.
> It’s about creating a faction whose members can act as  
> “spokespersons” on behalf of those who prefer to use this new  
> institution rather than the established channels to voice their  
> various grudges.
> The article starts out by saying that “the Cuban people have  
> valiantly defended their goal of socialism against economic,  
> political and military pressure”, a good opener that leads the  
> revolutionary readers to lower their guard and welcome the message  
> as a whole. Beginning with an objective truth probably helps take in  
> the lies that follow.
> Another message, also intended to reinforce the reader’s positive  
> reception of what comes next, appears in the second paragraph: “How  
> much longer can the island stave off capitalism’s return?”
> What lies behind this article becomes clear by the third paragraph,  
> which mentions steps to protect the gains of the Revolution from the  
> threat of capitalist restoration in Cuba. According to the author,  
> the reason for this involution is that “the bureaucracy headed by  
> Raúl Castro is accelerating in the wrong direction.”
> Here begin the attacks on the Cuban Revolution and particularly on  
> comrade Raúl, our president. It’s the same message sent by the U.S.  
> intelligence services when they have tried to set in motion what  
> they describe as “transition”, basically the same as in the so- 
> called “Bush plan for a free Cuba” back when comrade Fidel was in  
> charge. As per these gentlemen, all those who fight for our  
> sovereignty and independence and defend the Cuban people’s rights go  
> “in the wrong direction.”
> Further on the article takes to praising everything the Revolution  
> has done in the last few years, again to try and get the reader’s  
> attention. once the “seed” of discord has been sown. It revisits the  
> style of blaming what they tag “bureaucracy” for our hardships,  
> saying our people were never the makers of crucial decisions, but “a  
> bureaucracy politically similar to Stalin’s regime in the USSR,  
> although it never installed the bloody police state that Stalin did.”
> This new attack on “bureaucracy” overlooks our people’s involvement  
> in the most important decisions made in Cuba and casts sly doubt on  
> our electoral system, the one that elects the people’s  
> representatives to our National Assembly, where they discuss the  
> laws and policies governing the fate of our nation. Any reference to  
> Stalin’s regime in the former USSR is totally unfortunate and placed  
> in the wrong context, a fact our people have repeatedly confirmed.
> Even the Communist Party of Cuba is accused of being treacherous and  
> Stalinist, a charge the author bases on the old Trotskyist theory  
> that it’s not possible to make a revolution in a single country.
> No mention is made of the time at this stage of the Revolution when  
> Cuba was left almost completely isolated following the collapse of  
> the socialist countries and we had to do everything we could to save  
> the revolutionary state. The intention is to disregard the  
> dialectical development of revolutionary struggle in Latin America  
> and how it’s taking place these days without acknowledging Cuba’s  
> role in fighting the main enemy and its solidarity with Latin  
> American and other governments now seeking full independence and  
> holding a position of confrontation, or at least sovereign, vis-à- 
> vis the United States.
> In reference to the world scene and particularly to the political  
> situation in Latin America, criticism is leveled at Chávez and other  
> rulers who defend the interests of their peoples, including the  
> Bolivarian Alliance for Our America (ALBA). These statements are on  
> a par with others that members of the Obama administration make  
> every day against the progress of independence on the continent, no  
> different from those of the “opposition” organized and funded by NED  
> and USAID, who are in charge of distributing the money delivered by  
> the CIA.
> One of the last paragraphs demands that the Communist Party of Cuba  
> allow internal factions, an idea the author ascribes to two of her  
> followers. Obviously, the enemies of the Revolution deem our Party’s  
> unity a major strength, hence their efforts to create dissension in  
> our midst. This alerts us to the need of making our Party work  
> stronger to preserve internal democracy, unity of action and  
> democratic centralism.
> The article ends with an appeal for the support of the “advocates of  
> socialist workers’ democracy within Cuba” and the “building of a  
> revolutionary U.S. movement powerful enough to win an egalitarian  
> society in the heartland of imperialism.”
> This final note reflects the CIA’s attempts through some of its  
> campaigns to give the wrong impression that our workers, peasants,  
> black people and women live in a state of repression and lack of  
> opportunity. Anyone who knows nothing about Cuba might believe all  
> this, but it’s just the image our enemies try to portray in order to  
> divide our people. That this is their real purpose is clearly shown  
> in the actions of the self-appointed “dissident” groups, which are a  
> perfect match for the spirit of Susan Williams’ article.
> The CIA is a thousand-faced monster that shows up everywhere under a  
> variety of costumes to spread ideas and plant agents who, in this  
> case, go so far as to dress up as revolutionaries in order to win  
> the support of the unwary and turn them into traitors to their  
> homeland.
> It’s so easy to spot, the CIA: when it states its goals, stands up  
> to any true-blue revolutionary or has recourse to the worn-out  
> campaigns it has orchestrated in the last times, THERE’S THE MONSTER!

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