[Marxism] Socialism and "animal rights"

Greg McDonald sabocat59 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 26 18:05:37 MDT 2009

Not that this has anything to do with marxism, but there is a buddhist
text I recall reading recently which uses this very example of the
scorpion. Even with full understanding that the scorpion will strike,
it says the enlightened being continues to act in an enlightened
manner, just as it is in the nature of the scorpion to sting. I guess
your response would depend  on your normative ethics.

Aristotle would agree with the Buddhist text, in terms of his ethics
of virtue. Since I am not an enlightened being, I don't know what
choice he or she would make in this particular case.

It seems to me a Deontologist such as Kant or Aquinas would argue that
the person's rights exist on a higher plane than that of a scorpion.

A consequentialist, such as a utilitarian, would choose to save the
scorpion, because the saving of an individual who could cause even
greater future harm to humanity writ large would therefore negate the
positive aspect of the original deed, whereas the scorpion would only
be harming very few people in comparison.

Greg McDonald

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