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On Mon, 26 Oct 2009 12:40:56 -0000 "Paul Flewers"
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> I can't see why religious people, and I'm writing as an atheist of 
> several
> decades standing, can't accept evolution, as there doesn't seem to 
> be any
> contradiction between believing in a universal creator and 
> accepting
> evolving life-forms. After all, if a universal-creating god is all 
> that he's
> supposed to be, I can't see why he couldn't bring into being 
> evolving
> life-forms.

I think that there are at least of couple of reasons.
One is that evolutionary theory takes away some
of the theists' favorite arguments, namely, the arguments
from design.  Traditionally, theists have often liked
to argue for the existence of a God on the grounds
that since it is apparent that the world, especially
living organisms, seem to be designed, that there
must be a designer.  Darwin's theory of evolution
by natural selections takes away, or at the very
least seriously weakens that argument, since
it shows how the apparently designed character
of organic nature can be explained mechanistically
in terms of unintelligent natural processes.
Secondly, evolutionary theory would seem to
reinforce the atheists's argument against the
existence of God on account of the imperfect
nature of the universe.  Natural selection works
to produce highly adapted living organisms at
the costs of much waste and suffering.
Lots of species after all go extinct.  We
are told that mutations are the source of
the new variations upon which natural
selection works, but most mutations
are to the detriment of the organisms
in which they appear.  Only occasionally,
do mutations turn out to be adaptive.
Natural selections, but it is a very wasteful
and often inefficient process.  Presumably,
an intelligent designer, with unlimited powers,
could do much better.

Jim F,

> Speaking of the Islamic world, the reporter on the Boston Globe 
> could have
> looked next-door. Some time back, when the Jurassic Park film and 
> dinosaurs
> were all the rage, the late South African Marxist Baruch Hirson 
> visited his
> in-laws in Israel, and he told me that the frummer rabbis there were 
> up in
> arms because a chocolate bar was being advertised with a dinosaur
> illustration on the wrapper. Apparently, such beasts could not have 
> existed
> as their claimed age put them living prior to the creation, and on 
> that
> logic the chocolate bars were therefore not kosher. 'Are we really 
> living in
> the twentieth century?', Baruch asked me, shaking his head sadly.
> Well, the US Christian right can look fondly at the Middle East. 
> It's
> interesting, this ecumenical concordance on evolution. Muslim, 
> Jewish and
> Christian hardliners can all stand united: when it's an agreement 
> about
> something reactionary and stupid.
> Paul F
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