[Marxism] The Moore Saga

Greg McDonald sabocat59 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 27 04:54:41 MDT 2009

Eva Golinger responds to Romero's article and Moore's tweets.


All I'm saying is, if you have 5 minutes on national television in the
US to talk about Venezuela or President Chávez, and you care or
believe in the incredible changes and movements taking place in
Venezuela and throughout Latin America, and you're talking about one
of the world's most demonized and threatened leaders, at least say
something - one thing - redeeming. One positive thing. One. But to use
the gift of 5 minutes before millions of viewers who know little or
nothing - or care little or nothing - about Venezuela and Chávez to
make jokes and ridicule an already overly-ridiculed leader, it just
doesn't do it for me.

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