[Marxism] [GreenLeft_discussion] Nepal- New Peoples Movement?

Sukla Sen sukla.sen at gmail.com
Wed Oct 28 04:45:18 MDT 2009

Since the Maoists joined the "democratic" mainstream - reversing their
initial refusal to accept the declaration of abdication by King
Gyanendra on April 24 2006 and subsequently forswearing armed
insurgency - the principal axis around which Nepal's politics is
revolving is not the drafting of the new Constitution, hugely
important as it is, but the issue of "integration" of the PLA with the

All the contending sides are too keenly aware of its centrality.
And that keeps the uneasy alliance between the NC and UML and also
other sundry players, the Madhesi parties in particular going.

The UCPN(M) has in the immediate past - just before the commencement
of the recent festival season - once failed to trigger off a Jana
Andolan III, despite trying very hard and admittedly pretty formidable
show of organised strength. But it remained just that.

They are threatening to try it all over again.
In case, the negotiations with the NC-UML finally collapse, as it
looks almost certain at
the moment, then we'd probably be witnessing an even tougher and
uglier tussle this time. The stakes are too high.

If the Maoists fail once again, their political standing would be
significantly damaged. The terms of the peace agreement would be
reinterpreted, if not rewritten outright, to their disadvantage.
And, if they somehow succeed to pull it through, the incumbent
government would just be washed away and so the NC and UML.
Paving the path for a "People's Democracy". Democracy, and far more,
for only those few stamped and certified as "People".
Otherwise Nepalese democracy would be bumbling along as inefficient
"democracies" mostly do.

Quite significant, in the current context, is the fact that Prachanda
is repeatedly asserting that there is no "going back to the jungle" in
sharp contrast with some of his comrades.


On 10/28/09, Ben Peterson <ben.peterson.fl at gmail.com> wrote:
> http://maobadiwatch.blogspot.com/2009/10/nepal-new-peoples-movement-imminent.html
> *
> The Maoists have now announced an extensive protest program- which is not
> just an idle threat, but have announced their intention to blockade the
> seats of
> government<http://www.nepalnews.com/main/index.php/news-archive/1-top-story/2098-maoist-finalize-15-day-protest-programme-to-go-all-out-against-govt-from-nov-2.html>.
> How success full this new Jana Andolan (Peoples Movement) will be is yet to
> be seen, but it seems that the revolutionaries are going to roll the dice.*
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