[Marxism] Animal Liberation and Socialism

Max Clark poeticaleconomy at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 28 09:59:03 MDT 2009

If the question of the "human" is such a outré fad then why can I cite near endlessly from Marx with regards to it? E.g., from his critique of St. Max in the German Ideology:

'The positive expression "human" corresponds to the definite relations predominant at a certain stage of production and the way of satisfying needs determined by them, just as the negative expression "inhuman" corresponds to the attempt to negate these predominant relations and the way of satisfying needs prevailing under them without changing the existing mode of production...'

See also the 1844 Manuscripts for tens upon tens of related, if not necessarily non-contradictory, passages. 

The ignorance and bigotry camouflaged as a critique of this "fad" are actually an impoverishment of Marx's heritage. For shame. 

The very best,
(St.) Max Clark



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