[Marxism] Animal Liberation and Socialism

nada dwaltersMIA at gmail.com
Wed Oct 28 12:55:49 MDT 2009

The brain argument is hardly 'scientific'. Quantity equal quality and 
the brain of a shrimp is hardly comparable to that of a human in *any* 
significant respect when it comes to the nonsense of "rights" for 
animals. And yes, Singer believes shrimp have rights.

Being opposed to animal cruelty and torture is based on the fact that 
animals do perceive pain and, morality or not, it's wrong to cause 
suffering when it can be avoided. This has zero to do with bestowing the 
human concept of rights to things, biological entities from insects to 
chimps, 'rights'.

I read the Peter Singer book on Spira and it's worth the read. It should 
be noted, however, that Spira was interested in making slaughter houses 
more humane. He was instrumental in getting animal cruelty laws applied 
to meat packers. Anyone would support his efforts in this regard. 
However,  I asked Lang if he thought he Spira's method was to make the 
"concentration camp" more humane and efficient in it's "genocide" 
against animals (to use both Singer's and Spira's terminology). He was 
beside himself. He noted that it's "not the same thing". I replied "not 
according to you".

Lang's support for the extension of human *criminal laws* to Orangutans 
(because "they are people" you see) for me, is beneath contempt and is 
actually detrimental to saving this endangered species.

As an severe asthmatic in my child hood, my life was *saved* by the 
adrenalin harvested from horses. If it was up to Singer, I would be 
dead, a good thing, rather than 'murder' an animal for medicine. Singer 
and the *method* that goes along with this, is *reactionary* through and 

An interesting thing is that adrenalin and it's modern cousin, 
Epinephrine, is now synthesized. I am glad we don't have to kill horses 
to deploy it anymore. But I'm glad we did in the 1960s. I would continue 
to advocate the use of animals in medical research forever if this is 
what it takes to save us. If it is unnecessary, then we can substitute 
such research and products for non-animal alternatives, I'm 100% for it. 
Until then, Singer can go to hell.

For those interested, the book by Singer on Spira look for:
Ethics into Action: Henry Spira and the Animal Rights Movement


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