[Marxism] Animal Liberation and Socialism

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Yeah well, I've always found the ideology that disparages "moralism" after a certain point to be something you really have to watch your back around and which ironically has its most notorious expression in naked nihilistic Ayn Rand type apologetics for capitalism that take this attitude toward human rights; in fact this was a big bourgois fad in the 80s by rising neo-cons in bashing liberals and what they saw as the legacy of Carter in focusing on "moralistic" milquetoast concern about human rights or "human rights".  If there's anything worse than moralism its the nihilistic anti-moralism or amoralism of piratical apologists for capitalism (the first cousin of classical liberalism having been social darwinism) which I sometimes see-not here-among those still trying to cling to the fig leaf of orthodox marxism as a cover for their own grandiose narcissism that gives not a whit about the working class or other people in general.  So where do rights come from? power relations obviously.  So if you don't want to become some fanatic's expendable resource, you just have to be ready to stop him in his tracks.  Yeah, it seems I read somewhere about the British cabinet having frank discussions about the perils of "moralism" in discussing whether to aid the Irish during the potato famine.

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> Subject: Re: [Marxism] Animal Liberation and Socialism
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> What makes it clear for me that animal liberation is un-marxist is how the 
> approaches these people take to the question are completely moralistic and 
> not based on materialism. So for instance I'm sympathetic to arguments about 
> how conditions of life for farm animals lead to actual dangers for people, 
> like the way they are so close they end up needing antibiotics all the time, 
> etc. But a moralistic appeal to animal rights(where do rights come from?) 
> seems outside our tradition to me.
> --David.
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