[Marxism] Is Turkey Leaving the West? (from "Foreign Affairs")

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Wed Oct 28 21:50:11 MDT 2009

The articles Louis and I submitted from Foreign Affairs and the New York
Times signal a much higher sense of alarm among the US policy-makers over
the Erdogan government's course. I think we should be prepared for a new
attempts at an open or de facto military coup -- perhaps with a substantial
urban middle class cover -- in the name of "secularism," "women's rights,"
and "Ataturk republicanism."

Its important to remember that these will be no more the real issues in
pro-NATO operations in Turkey than democracy and women's rights are the real
issues in US or NATO operations in Iran and Afghanistan. Reminder: I do NOT
consider the present liberal-Islamist led opposition movement in Iran to be
such an operation.
Fred Feldman
Fred Feldman

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