[Marxism] Is Turkey Leaving the West? (from "Foreign Affairs")

S. Artesian sartesian at earthlink.net
Wed Oct 28 22:26:21 MDT 2009

Don't you think the condition of the economy in Turkey, the decline in real 
wages, might have something to do with such "urban middle class cover" 
"secularism," "women's rights"?

I don't doubt the US or Nato "alarm," but 1) the  bourgeoisie, and petty 
bourgeoisie, and military of Turkey are quite capable of 
supporting/conducting a coup for reasons of their own, which will certainly 
reduce the alarm level, but still-- are reasons of their own  2) internal 
resistance to, as well as support for,  Erdogan will be driven by the 
economic conditions.

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