[Marxism] Paul LeBlanc: Why I Am Joining the ISO

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Thu Oct 29 08:21:50 MDT 2009

Frankly, I am unsurprised by this development, and more surprised that
others have not done so.  If I felt particularly compelled to join something
now, it'd probably be the ISO.  I am closer in politics and tradition to
Solidarity.  I attended its founding convention, joined, remained a member
of the Chicago group while there, and have several times tried to help
establish a circle in Cincinnati.

I also like the Solidarity members, and find them functioning on an
immensely higher level politically than most of the ISO.  ...but they should
be.  They've mostly been around as long as I have or longer.  The Solidarity
gatherings I've attended since...say 1990...have put me strongly in mind of
the what chapter meetings of the Grand Army of the Republic must have been

Sitting around with people I like so we can watch each others hair go gray,
then white, just doesn't seem to me a good way for decades of political
experience to invest itself.  Years ago, I asked people in Solidarity why
they just didn't de-camp and join the ISO. It has never been clear to me why
an organization formed around the idea of a regroupment on the far left
would not do so.  In practical terms, members are looking to accomplish many
of the same goals, and the historic differences on how one characterizes the
former USSR or the present Cuba are not an obstacles to being in a common
organization in the US.

But I would certainly be interested in hearing thoughts on this....

Mark L.

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