[Marxism] why I joined the ISO

kenneth morgan generalstrike2000 at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 29 14:09:21 MDT 2009

While lurking on Marxmail, I have been put off by the caricature of democratic centralism, and the occassional ISO bashing by members of this list. This is reflected in the lack of postings on the recent ISO organized conference, Socialism 2009 held in two different cities this year, Chicago and San Francisco. While the event, previously held only in Chicago, usually draws around 1,000 this year each site drew around 900 each. Even allowing for 100 (I doubt that many) who attended both conferences, that's 1700. Regardless of one's feelings toward Leninism/vanguardism, and the ISO, this was a significant event which I would have thought could not have been ignored. In the interest of full disclosure, I am a former member of the SWP, 1978-1981, having dropped out before the purge got under way. I guess that makes me a premature anti-Barnesite. I was a 6 year veteran of the ISO, in San Francisco and Madison, until recently, having dropped out for personal
 reasons that interfered with  being active. What political differences I may have had were and are insignificant. To be honest I had gotten comfortable being a supporter of the ISO without any responibility, other than the occassional financial contribution. Now that these personal issues are resolved, and after reading Dan and Pauls posts, I find I can no longer justify sitting on the sidelines. It's time for me to apply to the ISO for readmission. Dan and Paul, thank you both for the wake up call. Regarding Carrol's remarks: What?????


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