[Marxism] why I joined the ISO

Dan Russell proletariandan at gmail.com
Thu Oct 29 14:51:47 MDT 2009

I know a number of ISO comrades who are/were on Marxmail and most of them
simply don't have the time or interest in getting dragged into some of the
more arcane or academic discussions that at sometimes seem to dominate the
list, especially the ones that Louis ends up having to step in and break up.
Of course, there are also those who simply want to slander us and can do so
more effectively online than in the real world where we are actually able to
relate to people on the street and are very busy doing that and other
things. However, especially before I got involved in actual organizing, I
found Marxmail to be a useful place for folks from various tendencies,
groups, etc. to post news, events, and points of view. FWIW, I do count
Marxmail as an important part of my political development.

That said, I meant to post something about Socialism 2009 (in fact I still
have a draft in Gmail), particularly the back-to-back, emotional discussions
around the NPA and ISO that took place on Saturday. I may still do so if I
can find my notes or remember enough details and will certainly report back
on the Midwest Socialist Conference happening on the 14-15th if folks are
interested in hearing about it.


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