[Marxism] Paul LeBlanc: Why I Am Joining the ISO

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Thu Oct 29 16:15:10 MDT 2009

"S. Artesian" wrote:
> Can you give some examples of the grimness of this "hold," since Marx in Vol
> 3 of Capital, his Critique of Political Economy, refers, explains the law of
> the FROP?  Can you give an example of some huge fantasies posted to this
> list that are little better than establishment in understanding current
> conditions by those who grimly accept the FROP as an economic law?

I am not really interested, on the whole, in debating details of
Marxology. I am interested only in noting for othrs to consider or
ignore as they please, the _existnce_ of a number of distinct
traditions  in the hisotyr of "Marxism." One of those traditions (or
actually several different ones) holds that Marx established a science
of economics. I do not believe that there exists such a science. I am
not alone on this, and you can read such writers as Moishe Postone or
Robert Albritton and get at least an introduction to a couple of those
alternative views.

On the subjeft of "science" and Marx, I have been told though have not
yet read myself that there is a very good account of the meaning of
_wissenschaf_ (sp?) in Germany at the time Marx was writing in Daniel
Bensaid's book _A Marx for Our Times_. I plan to read it when I can
arrange to do so (I'll probably have to pay someone to read it to me.
Complex texts don't 'work' when magnified so the text runs off the

But political conclusions such as mine do not depend on a given reading
of Marx, but they do depend on rejection of the assumption that
"Marxism" provides the basis for a "Theory of Revolution." The role of
contingency in political affairs is too great to allow a general
understanding of revolution that goes beyond a few rough rules of thumb.
Beyond that each revolution requires the working out of thought specific
to that time and place. I have been particularly irritated with the
countless "critiques" of revolutions in Cuba, Venezeuala, Bolivia, and
any other one you can name. There exists no platform, not applicable set
of principles, which justify those critiques.


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