[Marxism] Reply to Louis's response to my previous post

kenneth morgan generalstrike2000 at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 29 17:18:46 MDT 2009

First off a correction: my previous post should have been entitled "Paul LeBlanc: Why I am joining the ISO". Louis, if I understand you correctly, if someone has a problem with an issue omitted on Marxmail, then they should take the iniative and post it themselves. Correct? Fair enough. BTW Louis your rapid response has caused me to question my belief regarding the impossibility of "warp speed". Dan I am no longer in Madison. Due to a jobsite shutdown, I moved to Portland, OR where I have some family. I would encourage you to post highlights from Socialism 09, and also from the Midwest Regional Conference. If very lengthy maybe break up in sections.-Ken M, Portland, OR


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