[Marxism] Paul LeBlanc: Why I Am Joining the ISO

S. Artesian sartesian at earthlink.net
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All that's fine, actually not, but you make an accusation, disparaging some 
on the list for holding to certain aspects that Marx clearly developed, and 
then when challenged, you provide not a shred of evidence.

No, I don't think Marx established a science of economics.  Marx analyzes 
the basis for the social overthrow, overcoming, of economics.  But that 
overthrow just doesn't drop out of thin air.  It develops out of the real 
contradictions of capital-- between use and exchange value, between means 
and relations of production, between and in the exchange of itself with 

I don't know how anyone can say that the core of Marx's work is in his 
critique of political economy, but then not actually use the elements of 
that critique to analyze what historically takes place, and worse, make 
accusations against those who do use that critique to explicate the movement 
of capital.

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> "S. Artesian" wrote:
>> Can you give some examples of the grimness of this "hold," since Marx in 
>> Vol
>> 3 of Capital, his Critique of Political Economy, refers, explains the law 
>> of
>> the FROP?  Can you give an example of some huge fantasies posted to this
>> list that are little better than establishment in understanding current
>> conditions by those who grimly accept the FROP as an economic law?
> I am not really interested, on the whole, in debating details of
> Marxology. I am interested only in noting for othrs to consider or
> ignore as they please, the _existnce_ of a number of distinct
> traditions  in the hisotyr of "Marxism." 

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