[Marxism] Why Obama's Iran Policy Will Fail

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Fri Oct 30 08:06:50 MDT 2009

Why Obama's Iran Policy Will Fail
Stuck in Bush Mode in a Changed World
By Dilip Hiro

While the tone of the Obama administration is different from that 
of its predecessor, and some of its foreign policies diverge from 
those of George W. Bush, at their core both administrations 
subscribe to the same doctrine: Whatever the White House perceives 
as a threat -- whether it be Iran, North Korea, or the 
proliferation of long-range missiles -- must be viewed as such by 
Moscow and Beijing.

In addition, by the evidence available, Barack Obama has not drawn 
the right conclusion from his predecessor's failed Iran policy. A 
paradigm of sticks-and-carrots simply is not going to work in the 
case of the Islamic Republic. Here, a lesson is readily available, 
if only the Obama White House were willing to consider Iran's 
recent history. It is unrealistic to expect that a regime which 
fought Saddam Hussein's Iraq (then backed by the United States) to 
a standstill in a bloody eight-year war in the 1980s, unaided by 
any foreign power, and has for 30 years withstood the consequences 
of U.S.-imposed economic sanctions will be alarmed by Washington's 
fresh threats of "crippling sanctions."

Most important, the Obama administration is ignoring the altered 
international order that has emerged in the wake of the global 
financial crisis triggered by Wall Street's excesses. While its 
stimulus package, funded by taxpayers and foreign borrowing, has 
arrested the decline in the nation's gross domestic product, 
Washington has done little to pull the world economy out of the 
doldrums. That task -- performed by the U.S. in recent recessions 
-- has fallen willy-nilly to China. History repeatedly shows that 
such economic clout sooner or later translates into diplomatic power.


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