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Unfortunately, my experience coincides more or less with David's. I  
have had some friendly dialogue with ISO members and worked very well  
with Sharon Smith to build the Trotsky legacy conference, but some  
years ago I inquired about joining and was ignored. I attended one of  
their educational conferences with my daughter, who was 15 y.o. at  
the time (she is 20 now), and it seemed they would rather we did not  
come. They were not very open to us, and they didn't even know me or  
my politics. My daughter did not want to stay for the final rally,  
and we did not. I was in touch with a young ISO member at Rutgers and  
having good political discussion with him, but then he abruptly quit  
the ISO and joined Solidarity!


On Oct 30, 2009, at 10:51 AM, David Walsh wrote:

> Well, I have heard from a few former SWPers that generally hold to  
> the old politics of Cannon. They have asked to join the ISO and  
> been ignored, rebuffed and one comrade who had built a decent  
> activist youth group treated like an opponent when the local ISO  
> went around the comrade and tried to recruit behind closed  
> doors.Now, I admit that could have been just inexperience,but, some  
> others were rejected, I'm sure, with the knowledge of the  
> leadership.From the ISOers Ispeak with, the "hards" really don't  
> like dialogue. The new ones do and are very healthy and open. But,  
> this conception of building the "anti-imperialist wing" of the anti- 
> war movement, along with the poverty of theory that regards living  
> revo's in a somewhat hostile way, leads me to think they are not  
> the answer. Numbers or not.I will give them credit that they defend  
> the revo's in print from US Imperialism though.
> "If you tremble with indignation at every injustice then you are a  
> comrade of mine."
> Che
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