[Marxism] Paul LeBlanc: Why I Am Joining the ISO

sandia sandia1980 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 30 12:44:50 MDT 2009

> Of course, there are also those who simply want to slander us and can do so
> more effectively online than in the real world where we are actually able to
> relate to people on the street and are very busy doing that and other
> things.

I think the ISO does impressive work, but I sense a subtle,
unwarranted triumphalism here. The ISO -- like every other left group
-- is still irrelevant in American society. It has no real popular
base and is unknown to 99.99999% of the people in this country. Being
good at recruiting, publishing a paper, putting on conferences, etc.,
is one thing, and it plays an important role. But the ISO is not
qualitatively different from other left groups, even though it may
look that way from our microscope. It is not changing the landscape of
left politics or galvanizing tens of thousands. I hope it does, but
let's keep our eyes on the prize and maintain some humility -- at
least internally, to ourselves -- in the face of our reality.

> I think the our critical stance is important both on principle and to
> differentiate ourselves from more Stalinist groups.

I really don't see why one's Cuba position means anything at all for
doing work in the US. Who gives a shit if someone believes Cuba is
revolutionary, state capitalist or Stalinist, as long as they can all
agree on building common mass movements, opposing the Democrats, etc.
These -- not positions of other peoples' countries -- should be the
decisive factors concerning left unity in the US.

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