[Marxism] Honduran National Front of Resistance responds to agreement!

nada dwaltersMIA at gmail.com
Fri Oct 30 18:53:59 MDT 2009

Point 4 of the Frente states this:

4. We reiterate that a National Constituent Assembly is an
unrenounceable aspiration of the Honduran people and a non-negotiable
right for which we will continue struggling in the streets, until we
achieve the re-founding of our society to convert it into one that is
just, egalitarian and truly democratic.

The Frente was out in front of the negotiations office and was attacked 
yesterday by the cops, with many of it's leaders arrested. This point 4 
is something the gov't will simply not yield on yet it remains the root 
cause of the coup in the first place and now points the way forward 
toward continued mobilizations.

The upcoming elections are held in accordance with the Constitution as 
planned. The issue now confronting the Frente is how to respond or deal 
with these elections, to participate or not, under what program, with 
whom, etc etc.

As of now NO DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS exist, at all, to even wage a campaign, 
electoral or in the streets. The show is not over.


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