[Marxism] Paul LeBlanc: Why I Am Joining the ISO,

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Sat Oct 31 02:13:37 MDT 2009

The enthralling aspect of LeBlanc's POV is that it is unashamedly
committed to  revolutionary social change rather that a sort of
dedicated deference to accommodating to the rigors of isolation. It is
not about a withdrawing from a Marxist (and Leninist)perspective at
all. In contrast, a layer of sixties exers are in the business of
advancing such a distancing rationale and blaming the parties of the
far left for their pessimistic 'analysis'.

You need to recognise the sort of spin we've been fed -- maybe for as
long as a couple of decades from within our own midst-- which tries to
blame 'party building' per se for so much of that which has befallen
the socialist movement

The complication is, of course, that the socialist parties seldom
recognize their potential role in making the best use of the here and
now, and in a sense, exaggerate the very symptoms that they are marked
down for -- the circle spirit, the bunker mentality,the dedication to
shibboleths, etc. It's almost a determined negation of the option that
presents itself. (Almost? Maybe not...)

What LeBlanc does is cut through the crap and poses a challenge both
to the layer he comes from -- as well to the party he has joined.

We know that despite their seeming similarity both in genesis (the
1990s IST purges) and outlook ( the state capitalist template) --
there is a massive world of difference between the American ISO and
Socialist Alternative here in Australia .

It's like chalk and cheese.

Similarly it would be impossible for anyone to write about SAlt as
LeBlanc has written about the ISO in his joining statement.

So LeBlanc -- and I think he has quite consciously done this --
challenges the anti-party sentiment directly by insisting that if you
are serious at all this is what you need to do. The days for wanking
on are over.

It also suggests, to my mind, that while there may be a party emporia
out there to choose from -- not all of them embrace the rigors of
political motion as LeBlanc suggests the ISO does.

So this is also about changing the ISO as much as changing the rest of
the left. It's not that  LeBlanc goes into the ISO wearing entrism sui
generis t-shit with a lobbying perspective -- a them vs me approach --
but as a willing partner to the grand party project overall.

There is a very big difference both in the way the party is engaged
with and the sort of results that may follow.

dave riley

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