[Marxism] Gore Vidal in the Atlantic

Tom Cod tcod at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 31 13:10:40 MDT 2009

Well, I didn't see any of that other stuff in the the article you linked us to.  I haven't ever heard him speak about the Chinese, however I do recall his article about McVeigh in Vanity Fair written when the guy was a condemned man which I think focused on the civil liberties aspects of that case and the social causes of this phenomena, views that I recall had little that was objectionable.  The idea that he promoted the racist views of these folks is incorrect or that adheres to "right wing nativism" is ridiculous. Moreover, Vidal, unlike much of the sectarian left which ran for cover at the time, spoke out against and stood up to the Daley and the Chicago cops and their defenders like Wm F. Buckley (who called him a fag and threatened him on the air) during the 1968 protests.  Thus I think you misunderstand and therefore have misrepresented Vidal's views. 

> From: bhaskar.sunkara at gmail.com
> Not just those disgusting, reprehensible comments, but have you ever heard
> him discuss the "Chinese threat"?  His anti-imperialism is right-wing
> nativism, his defense of Timothy McVaugh,  Pim Fortuyn  and the militia
> movement aren't aberrations.  I wouldn't attach the word "left" anywhere
> near him.

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