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New Readings on the Theory of Production of Space: Lefebvre and the Developing World 
(For the book project, please send your proposal to efe.can.gurcan at umontreal.ca)

Panel for the Conference "A Measure of Place: Space in Text and Context" (5-7 February 2010, McGill University, Montreal) 

Nowadays, one could observe the regeneration of Henri Lefebvre's perspective on the questions of production of space, urbanism and modernization. 

On the other hand, despite Lefebvre's overemphasis on the urban sociology, he was able to also grasp the importance of the rural sociology. According to him, the main objective of the Marxian rural sociology should be of transforming the peasant and agricultural reality. 

Lefebvre's radical attitude on rural questions expressed itself in the rural problems of socialism through the conviction that Marxism should firstly focus on agricultural problems. Accordingly, one should primarily solve the contradiction between the "agricultural and industrial eras". 

Therefore, the main problematic of the panel would be the following: 

"Is an alternative and inventive reading of Lefebvre's work possible? If yes, how to examine the intensification of rural and suburban struggles in the developing world, based on this perspective of politics of space? How to conceive a new strategy of production of space centered in the Third World? How to redefine 'the right to city' in the Global South?" 

We encourage papers on topics including but not limited to: 

- Critique of Traditional Urban Revolutionism,
- Urban Revolution or Rural Revolution? Possible Strategies,
- New Strategies of Production of Space,
- Lefebvre and the Third World,
- Rural and Suburban Spatial Struggles in Today's South America,
- Redefinition of "the Right to City",
- Rural Sociology and Politics of Space,
- Socialist Communes in Venezuela (and the "Socialist Caracas Project"),
- People's Councils in Cuba, Cuban Urban Agriculture and Production of Space,
- The Chinese Project of the Construction of Socialist Villages.

Deadline for submission of paper proposal: November 20, 2009 

The organizers plan to publish a selection of the papers presented at the conference. Texts should be between 6,000 and 10,000 words inclusive of notes and bibliography. They should be prepared according the Chicago Manual of Style, 15th Edition. 

Please send abstracts of 300 words or less, together with a short biographical statement of no more than 50 words to efe.can.gurcan at umontreal.ca. 

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