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Sat Oct 31 22:30:33 MDT 2009

October 20, 2009 -- Rhodes University, Grahamstown -- "The left movement 
outside the South African Communist Party is weak, fragmented and 
disorganised", said Mazibuko Jara, former South African Community Party 
(SACP) spokesperson and editor of /Amandla/ magazine during a public 
dialogue at Rhodes University on October 16.

"The majority of the people in South Africa still look up to the ANC as 
their only hope and anyone who wants to start a new left party must take 
this into account," he said.

According to Jara, a new left wing political party must try to mobilise 
as many people as possible and unite all the left organisations in the 
country. Jara, together with Vishwas Satgar, a former Gauteng provincial 
secretary of the SACP, are leading an initiative to establish a new left 
political party in South Africa because of the dissatisfaction with the 
SACP's leadership.

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