[Marxism] China investing heavily in infrastructure: Railway

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S. Artesian (sartesian at earthlink.net) wrote on 2009-08-31 at 21:33:34 in  
about Re: [Marxism] China investing heavily in infrastructure: Railway:
> Does it include passenger operations?  Because China's  Rail Knowledge 
> magazine reports 77,000 KM of total track in China, not 60,000 for 2006. 

  The Chinese MOR [Ministry of Railways] does operate both freight trains and 
passenger trains and some dedicated freight and some dedicated passenger 

  It seems you have not read the articles from the IRJ which I recommended. 

  You seem also not to read my own contributions to this list, which you 
pretend to reply to. You even hide the information about which message you 
are replying to at the end of your contribution. 

   As to the numbers, I quoted the _official_ statistics published by the UIC, 
and for 2008. I thought that as an old railwayman you would be able to look 
up the UIC statistics yourself. 

   I am also astonished about your confusion of _line_ lenght and _track_ 
length. I quoted from the UIC statistics that China reported to dispose of 
60'809 km of _lines_ by the end of 2008, out of which 25'793 are double 
track (or wider). This gives you the difference between the total _track_ 
length and _line_ length which you wonder above. 

   By the way, among the UIC statistical data which I quoted, some of them 
are not for 2008, but for 2007: personnel, train-km, gross ton-km, tons of 
freight (not ton-km!). 

Lüko Willms
Frankfurt, Germany

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