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Historical Materialism
Research in Critical Marxist Theory
Volume 17 Issue 2


Isaac and Tamara Deutscher Memorial Prize Lecture
Rick Kuhn
Economic Crisis, Henryk Grossman and the Responsibility of


David McNally
 From Financial Crisis to World Slump: Accumulation,
Financialisation, and the Global Slowdown

Steve Edwards
Apocalyptic Sublime: On the Third Brighton Photo Biennal

Symposium on the Global Financial Crisis
Samantha Ashman
Editorial Introduction

Costas Lapavitsas
Financialised Capitalism: Crisis and Financial Expropriation

Gary A. Dymski
Racial Exclusion and the Political Economy of the Subprime Crisis

Paulo L. Dos Santos
On The Content of Banking in Contemporary Capitalism

Reflections on ‘Gewalt’ (contd.)
Luca Basso
The Ambivalence of Gewalt in Marx and Engels: On the
Interpretation of Balibar

Review Articles
Ian Hudson & Mark Hudson
on Gavin Fridell’s Fair Trade Coffee: The Prospects and Pitfalls of
Market Driven Social Justice, Daniel Jaffee’s Brewing Justice: Fair
Trade Coffee, Sustainability, and Survival, and Laura Raynolds’,
Douglas Murray’s & John Wilkinson’s Fair Trade: Th e Challenges
of Transforming Globalization

Richard Westra
on Pierre Bourdieu’s Firing Back: Against the Tyranny of the
Market 2, Global Turbulence: Social Activists’ and State Responses to
Globalization, edited by Marjorie Griffin Cohen and Stephen
McBride, John Rapley’s Globalization and Inequality:
Neoliberalism’s Downward Spiral and Anti-Capitalism: A Marxist
Introduction, edited by Alfredo Saad-Filho

Michele Filippini
on Alberto Burgio’s Gramsci storico

Richard Seymour
on Markku Ruotsila’s John Spargo and American Socialism

Robert Knox
On Alain Supiot’s Homo Juridicus

Historical-Critical Dictionary of Marxism
Stefan Bollinger & Juha Koivisto
Hegemonic Apparatus

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