[Marxism] What Obama isn’t telling you about Afghanistan

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Tue Sep 1 04:38:23 MDT 2009

By Anthony DiMaggio, ZNet, Aug 31, 2009

President Obama finds himself in a precarious position when calling
for escalation of the war in Afghanistan.  While this conflict is
traditionally seen as the “good war,” American and Afghan public
support appears mixed at best.  There is good reason to suspect that
the limited support for war that exists will evaporate after
casualties on both sides increase and Afghanistan’s security further

A significant problem we run into when assessing the war is the
tremendous lack of information available about Americans’ reasons for
opposing war.  Scholars note the tendency of polling firms to
“socially construct” public opinion by refusing to ask questions about
Americans’ moral challenges to U.S. foreign policy.  Benjamin Ginsberg
argues in The Captive Public that “polls generally raise questions
that are of interest to clients and purchasers of poll data –
newspapers, political candidates, governmental agencies, and business
corporations…questions of no immediate relevance to government,
business, or politicians will not easily find their way into the
surveys.  This is particularly true of issues such as the validity of
the capitalist economic system, or the legitimacy of governmental
authority, issues that business and government prefer not to see
raised at all, much less at their own expense.”

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