[Marxism] China investing heavily in infrastructure: Railway

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Actually, Luko I have a subscription to the IRJ, and I've read all sorts of 
rah-rah give me a big C articles about China's development.  And I read your 
so-called contributions, responding in detail to the uncritical glowing 
reports of growth you provide.  As for hiding the information about which 
message I am replying to-- obviously you're the one who doesn't read the 
contributions to the list as it is clear in the body of the response what I 
am replying to as I usually include quotes from the previous post.

You raise all sorts of ridiculous charges-- previously claiming you had not 
idea what FDI was, that is was an  US-centric term blah blah blah.  I showed 
then that the term had been used on the list for sometime and that you had 
never raised an objection before.  Now you make an equally absurd charge.

As for the discrepancy in track-kilometers, or track mileage,  I don't know 
how they count track-miles in China, but in the US the standard is to count 
exactly that -- track-miles, so if you have 4 tracks running between 2 
points 50 miles apart, that's 200 track miles.  Makes sense if you stop and 
think about [you might try that in between pom-pom classes], because your 
costs of maintenance are for maintaining 200 track miles, not 50; your 
tonnage per track mile is dispersed, perhaps equally, perhaps not but that 
doesn't matter, over the total track mileage-- that's one reason excessive 
track mileage, overproduction of track, was such a burden to US railroads in 
the 50s, 60s, 70s, driving up costs, driving down returns, and leading to 
much deferred maintenance.  That's the big reason for introducing advanced 
signal systems that allow you to run at higher speeds in both directions on 
a single track.   That's the big reason railroads don't construct passing 
sidings every 5 miles or so, making economic decisions which become 
operating decisions on how many sidings, how long the sidings, how many 
interlockings, how much multiple track territory they require and can be 
"redeemed" by operating revenues.

Now this entire exercise started when you claimed, suggested, stated, 
asserted, whatever that China had possibly overtaken the US in freight 
transport.  For 2008, US freight traffic declined about 1.5% from the 
previous year to 2773 ton-kilometers.  China's grew, but by only half the 
rate of growth of 2007, by 3.5% to 2338 ton-kilometers.  OK, no overtaking 
there.   China has a network of, according to the UIC 60,000+ km, the US 
192,000 + km so no overtake there.  Tons hauled per train are at least 6-7 
greater in the US than China, so no overtake there.  And simple math will 
tell you, that for China to haul that amount of tonnage with so little 
tonnage on each train requires an extraordinary number of operating crews--  
locomotive operators, conductors,  etc, not to mention an extraordinary 
number of locomotives.  So there's no overtake there, unless of course you 
think lots of locomotives moving light tonnage trains indicates growth, 
means more, which perhaps you do.

So where is the overtake in freight rail transportation?  Where is the 
overtake in labor productivity?  Somewhere in the future?   I have no doubt 
if China were to develop fully, to realize the potential of the labor and 
resources it has, it would by the very nature of its population exceed the 
current and future state of US capitalism.  To do that however, to realize 
the potential of that labor and those resources, it will require a.... [here 
it comes]  revolution, overthrowing the capitalist development which the CCP 
has administered in and to the country; and to do that will require an 
international revolution.

So you keep at it with those pom-poms Luko, but spare us the bullshit 
charges, the misposting of statistics, and all the other craps that defines 
your "contributions."

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