[Marxism] China's high speed rail plans

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[Marxism] China's high speed rail plans:
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High-speed_rail_in_China
> It's worth a look. Clearly, their investment *plans* include making 
> China the largest high speed rail country in the world and probably more 
> than Europe has as a whole. 

   According to a chart which I just saw in the "synopsis" of a study by the 
British Network Rail (the infrastructure company), taken from the UIC 
(International Union of railways) for existing and projected high-speed 
railways in 2025, China is top with 5678 miles (the British translated from km 
:-((), next Spain with 4415, and France with 4135. So already those two 
countries sum up to more than China. 

> None of it, however, has anything to do with freight, 

  Sure, you are reporting from an article about high-speed rail, which is by 
definition _passenger_ railway. Look at my initial contribution on this topic, 
and follow the link to the article on the heavy haul Daqin freight line. 

> which is, as S. Artesian points out, the heart, economically, 
> of any rail system, in many ways.  
  Just because the profit orientation destroyed passenger railways in the USA, 
it doesn't make freight "the heart". It is indispensable, but "the heart"? I 
disagree with that statement. 

> Its what keeps trucks off the road.

  Passenger railways simply provide more comfort and keep SUVs off the 

  The whole thing again, to repeat, is to stress that China is not simply a 
cheap labor producing platform for the international market, dominated by 
imperialist capital, but that the Chinese use the proceeds from their 
production of consumer goods for extensive investments in the infrastructure. 

   Here are two maps, in case somebody can read Chinese and explain some 
of the texts: 


> <http://i2.chinanews.com/whg/guihuada.jpg>

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