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Comrade Moni Guha
29th September 1914 - 7th April 2009

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Comrade Moni Guha breadth his last  on the morning of 7th April 2009 in the
city of Kolkata. He was 95. Born on 29th September 1914, comrade Guha was
veteran of the Indian communist movement who devoted almost eighty years of
his life upholding the banner of Marxism Leninism. Though never a successful
mass leader of any political party comrade Guha always strove for organizing
group of comrades who really understood the basic tenets of Marxism Leninism
and who would be 'class-for-itself' and not just 'class-in-itself'. It is a
remarkable testimony to his personal and political qualities that he was
held in high esteem even by his critics.

http://otheraspect.freewebpage.org <http://otheraspect.freewebpage.org/>  

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