[Marxism] Correspondence

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Tue Sep 1 17:02:14 MDT 2009

Joanne Gullion wrote:
> Right now I subscribe and receive "The Latest 100 Marxmail Messages".   
> What do I click on to respond to a message on that list so that it  
> will be seen by Marxmail subscribers?

reading the list via the web presents a challenge when you want to reply 
to a post. you need to begin an email addressed to 
marxism at lists.econ.utah.edu (soon to change i think), then cut and paste 
the subject of the post into the Subject line of your email, so that 
subscribers will be able to properly thread your message. Then you may 
want to copy snippets of the post you are responding to into your email, 
for continuity of discussion. Finally you type your response and send it 
off the list.

unfortunately, in something like yahoo which Joanne appears to be using, 
it is near impossible to paste text in from a web page and make it 
appear "quoted", that is, indicate to the reader this is text you are 
responding to. i guess the best you can do is put a bunch of quote marks 
around the copied text ....

there is another way to do this without receiving list emails, i have 
discussed it before, it is called GMANE, and it allows you to respond to 
posts just as if you were receiving them via email. write me offlist for 
instructions or see the archives.


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