[Marxism] China's high speed rail lines

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Tue Sep 1 17:21:15 MDT 2009

Shane wrote:

>But neither do the Chinese Stalinists *use*
>capitalism--they practice it and they
>always have, because capitalists is what
>they are.

In the undying spirit of narrow sectarian
polemics, Shane interjects a clumsy broadside
into a very interesting, and even nuanced debate
about the direction and function of the Chinese

Okay comrade, remind me again just when China
became capitalist. If Stalinism equals capitalism
(as Stalin supposedly equals Hitler) then I still
not quite sure of the date that the Communist Party
of China became a corporation. 1921? 1927? 1949? 1966?
The answer is important and when I pressed Louis
on this matter his answer was the mid 90's, although
according to my reading, there was only a 20% share
of the economy in private hands then, which
has increased now to 80%. Luckily for the PRC that
20% state sector includes banking and hence no
financial meltdown last fall.

The point that Luko makes that there is more
at work than just a cheap source of labor for the
West was amply supported  by China's announcement
that it would no longer export heavy metals after
2014. These leaves a lot of American and European
manufacturers of advanced batteries and other
alternate  energy devices/machines scrambling for
log term supplies. This announcement also coincides
with the stated Chinese goal of jumping ahead in
Automobile and truck design to electric powered vehicles. 
As anyone who has used a cell phone in China can 
can attest, a planned infrastructure
improvement "jump" was made in the construction
of an explemplary national grid for wireless
service. Cell phone reception the middle of the Gobi
desert is in fact a whole lot better than it is here
just across the county line.

None of the above makes China a socialist paradise
and it is from my observation far from this goal
and getting further away. China has in fact gone
from being the most egalitarian society on earth
in the late Mao era to where it now equals Nepal
in social and economic inequality. However,I just
don't get Shane's point. Is it that Maoism is
Stalinism and China is still Maoist because of
its embrace of capitalism? Does this mean the CCP,
just like the CPSU, was really just a corporate
entity looking for private profit all along?
The argument is as ludicrous as the fervent
belief in a Kenyan birth certificate for
Barak Obama.

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