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Tue Sep 1 19:04:53 MDT 2009

/The film /Amanzi Ngawethu (Water Is Ours)/ brings together protest 
songs, photos and video from people and organisations who are working in 
solidarity to reclaim human dignity and human rights. It was made by 
Christina Hotz, of Friction Films.

By *Patrick Bond *

August 29, 2009 -- Durban -- In South Africa, major advances in health 
and the environment during the 2000s were only won by social activists 
by removing the profit motive; the challenge will be to combine their 
forces, to link some of the world’s most impressive social movements by 
``connecting the dots'' between their sectorally discrete problems, 
ranging in scale from the status of women and children in the household 
to climate change mitigation.

Full article (with great video) at http://links.org.au/node/1227

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