[Marxism] Long posts not allowed??

Michael Karadjis mkaradjis at theplanet.net.au
Wed Sep 2 02:25:26 MDT 2009

If this is some kind of plebescite, then I also cast my vote very 
strongly with Patrick, for the inclusion in most cases of full text of 
an article rather than just an url. Frankly, sending mere urls are a 
waste of good comrades' time, and I agree that this is much more a 
problem for comrades outside the imperialist centres, though it probably 
also is for poorer or less tech-savvy comrades even there.

Obviously that needs to be reinforced with emphasis on other protocols, 
ie, always including an url with the text, always clipping most of the 
text of the article you're replying to, and, conversely, RETAINING the 
small part of the text you are replying to so that readers can make 
sense of discussions. Several regular posters here do not do the latter, 
and so except for anyone reading every post, some of their "replies" to 
nothing apparently look like sheer nonsense.

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> Patrick Bond wrote:
>> I'm voting, as usual, for full posting of articles - copyrights be 
>> damned.

I agree, generally the burden of requiring *interactive* getting (by
web) of things in the context of poor connectivity is greater than the
burden of getting a large amount of redundant, but easily ignored
plain text, even in that same context.

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