[Marxism] Even Japan? Re: China's high speed rail plans

Nestor Gorojovsky nmgoro at gmail.com
Wed Sep 2 08:37:11 MDT 2009

Lüko Willms escribió:

> In China an independent force had conquered state power 
> in 1949, and lead a socialist revolution in the subsequent years to 1953, 
> although a very deformed socialist revolution. But without that, the current 
> progress in China would have been impossible. China would be subject to 
> plunder like Congo is, and Korea and Taiwan, and India would be on the same 
> level. China's independence achieved by its socialist transformation was a 
> huge step forward for humanity

I find the above of a great penetration.

Yes, even the bourgeois states of South and East Asia owe whatever 
development they reached to the Chinese Revolution. In the Korean and 
Taiwanese cases, and less clearly in the Indian one, it was the 
imperialist fear of a "Chinese" contagion that provided an umbrella for 
some degree of self-centered capitalist development.

I would add that perhaps even Japan does.

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