[Marxism] Even Japan? Re: China's high speed rail plans

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And while we're at it, while we're passing out the bromides, let's not 
forget the kudos to the USSR, which, despite the devastation executed  by 
the Nazis -- a devastation from which the USSR despite strenuous efforts was 
never to fully overcome-- the USSR in its victory, and in its desire to 
create a "buffer" between itself and the predations of Western militarism, 
so scared the bourgeoisie that it MUST have stimulated, precipitated, caused 
the Marshall Plan, and the rebuilding of Western Europe...

Of course that the rebuilding, as credited to the USSR,  actually 
strengthened Western militarism, increased the strength of the bourgeoisie, 
and eventually led to the collapse of the USSR is a mere technicality.

Hmmh.... we might just have stumbled upon the real function of the 
bureaucratic deformations/degenerations of social revolution in the 
capitalist world order:  prompt the bourgeoisie to redevelop, restrengthen, 
reunify, recapitalize-- kind of like a TARP program for the bankers' 
bankers. at the expense, bought and paid for, of and by the prospects for 
international revolution.

Is that what you mean, Nestor?

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I find the above of a great penetration.

Yes, even the bourgeois states of South and East Asia owe whatever
development they reached to the Chinese Revolution. In the Korean and
Taiwanese cases, and less clearly in the Indian one, it was the
imperialist fear of a "Chinese" contagion that provided an umbrella for
some degree of self-centered capitalist development.

I would add that perhaps even Japan does.

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